Tuesday, June 28, 2016

The event that changed the world...

Following the death of Augustus in 14 A.D., Rome fell into a downward spiral of rule that forced the Empire into a century of turmoil, wars, corruption, and instability. Followed by the unrest in Roman Judea and the subsequent crucifixion of the religious leader, Jesus of Nazareth, the appetite for the ambitious was insatiable. On trial for treason, a lone Roman commander stood between the forces of life and death for himself, soldiers in his charge, Pontius Pilate, and moral leaders such as Joseph of Arimathea.  His life included personal exchanges with some of the Disciples, Nicodemus, Seneca, Sejanus, the insurrectionist, Barabbas, and a brief intimate interlude with Claudia Procula, the wife of Pontius Pilate. As an early student of history and the law, he would lead a revolution of sorts through a Roman Court in Caesarea-Maritima before the throne of Pilate that would reveal the nature and culmination of the events that had changed the world.

This Commander and favored litigator of Pilate was appointed to expedite the execution of what he believed to be an innocent man whom he had come to know as the Son of God as he looked up at the moment of Christ’s last breath. His story unfolds the tangled web of intertwined lives that led to the greatest event known to mankind.

Though history never recorded his name, Septimius Antonius Furia comes to life in For They Know Not as a named central eyewitness to the greatest event the world has ever known.  He lived it, and this is his story.

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