Saturday, September 3, 2016

Operation: Clouded Judgment

Colonel Gene Vaughn is a retired military intelligence officer who has managed the security system for a major global manufacturing interest for over twenty years, but everything he had sworn to protect is betraying him.  Everyone knows that B&E would engage stealth units to exact advantage by targeting employees as incentive to remain loyal.  When initiated to target Vaughn, his loyalty focuses exclusively on his country.

The company system began to unravel when Rita Wesley’s small engineering database at a B&E facility exposed global shadow fixed asset distribution, and the D.O.J. pursued tax fraud.  Vaughn's team revealed the corrupt network of players and uncovered diverted funding for international covert activities using tax incentive collections.  They discover links alleging White House involvement designed to bring a lame duck president to ruin, assassination, or both.  While incinerating resources, General Vandenberg attempts to divert Vaughn.

Vaughn knows that obscene injections of invisible money are flowing through the veins of this monster, but even he does not yet fully understand the magnitude of the insanity.  All he truly knows is that someone had manipulated his team for surveillance to gain favor and tactical position, and they have Rita.  They had thought that would limit him.

They were dead wrong.

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