Saturday, September 17, 2016

The backstory: Beyond The Falcon

Muriel S. Wolle's 'Stampede to Timberline' was the historical inspiration for 'Beyond The Falcon', based on a true story of a discovery in Southern Colorado by my husband in 1963. Though Wolle viewed the past as a dead zone, Beyond The Falcon brings the discovery by my husband to life through his awe-struck descriptions flavored by his Native American heritage. "Beyond The Falcon" was my maiden effort at writing a novel and began in 1976, while living in Central Colorado, as a handwritten, notebook paper, romantic vision kept in a blue canvas three-ring binder for decades (Which I still have). My first submission, to a large publisher, was rejected on the basis that the category had been filled by Louis L'Amour's coming stories. Though I was encouraged to complete the work by a senior editor who called me at home one afternoon, I shelved it for over twenty years and satisfied my writing urge with freelance and editing positions along the way. In 2009, Beyond The Falcon was completed and subsequently upload on Amazon, where it remains, today, exclusively as an ebook. If you are one drawn to history of the Civil War Era and the West, particularly the Rocky Mountains, or are just those who might enjoy a detailed, romantic journey of dedication to rediscovering a true love - this may be a story you would enjoy. Muriel Wolle never knew that I wrote it, but Francis Wolle, her husband, both pillars of the University of Colorado, corresponded, and he said that she would be excited for me to finish the work. They both touched my heart through their lives, love, work, and kindness. In recognition of that inspiration, I dedicated the book to them and will be donating a portion of the sales to the University of Colorado alumni association. You can go to the Amazon book page for this novel and click on the "Look Inside" icon above the cover to read a portion of this work. Should you decide to purchase one and read it, I would sincerely appreciate a return to the cover page for a review post. All the best - SMS

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